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penthouse in indirapuram

World class Penthouse available in ATS Advantage, Orange County,Shipra Srishti,Shipra Krishna Vista,Sun Tower, Aditya Mega City and Gaur Green city Indirapuram Ghaziabad. The penthouse in Indirapuram is best the best property in Indirapuram

Floor plan Aditya Mega City Penthouse :

Unit Plan-3 B/R
Super Area:   2300 sq. ft.
Penthouse (Type 1)
Terrace/Garden Area:   350 sq. ft.
Total Area:   2650 sq. ft.
Chargeable Area:  2475 sq. ft.
Price:  On Demand
Living Room
Dining Room
3 Bed Rooms
Kitchen and serving Balcony
Servant Rooms with separate toilets
Store Room
Walk-in closet
Seating lounge with Kitchenette
Skylight feature
4 Toilets with accessible shafts
3 Balconies
Paved Terrace Terrace Garden
penthouse floor plan


Unit Plan-4 B/R 

Super Area:   2860 sq. ft.
Total Area:   350 sq. ft.
Chargeable area:   3105 sq. ft.
Price: On Demand

Penthouse (Type II)
Terrace/Garden Area:   490 sq. ft.

Living Room
Dining Room
4 Bed RoomsKitchen and serving BalconyServant Rooms with separate toiletsPuja RoomSeating lounge with KitchenetteSkylight feature4 Toilets with accessible shafts3 BalconiesPaved Terrace with splash pool terrace Garden


4bhk penthouse

Unit Plan-4 B/R DLX


Super Area:   3210 sq. ft.
Pool Facing Penthouse (Type III)
Terrace/Garden Area:   765 sq. ft.
Total Area:   3975 sq. ft.
Chargeable area:   3593 sq. ft.
Price:   On Demand


Living Room with entrance foyer
Dining Room
4 Bed Rooms
Study Room
Kitchen with breakfast counter & service balcony
Servant Room
Puja Room
Skylight feature
5 Toilets with accessible shafts
4 Balconies (Two 7' - 0'' wide pool facing balconies
Paved Terrace splash pool
Terrace Garden

penthouse in Indirapuram, 4bhkpenthouse in Indirapuram,

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